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The Board with Life season finale came out today. If you haven’t been following along but you’re interested in a quick comedy/drama focused around a group of board game enthusiasts, then it would probably be better to start at the beginning. And yep, that’s Ashly Burch, of Hey Ash Whatcha Playin’ fame.

On Destructoid, Jamie launched boats and flew cars in a ridiculous new Challenge Scot, the Podtoid crew released another episode, Conrad and Jordan ventured into previously unseen territories in the Daily Spelunk, Jim unboxed some Grand Theft Auto V junk, and so much more happened on this fine day.

Destructoid Original: 
Challenge Scot: Multiplayer madness in Just Cause 2
Podtoid 269: Lick A Frog’s Holes
Castles and Motherships – The Daily Spelunk
Grand Theft Auto V – Gratuitous Swag Unboxing

Community blogs of 9/12
Forum thread of the day: Samurai Gunn

Contest: Your first Xbox One or PS4 game is on us

Review: Card Hunter
Review: Razer Ouroboros wired/wireless gaming mouse

Checking out Retro Citry Rampage on the 3DS 

Blitz Game Studios closes its doors
Dishonored: Game of the Year Edition coming Oct. 8
Rune Factory 4 release date finalized for October
Nintendo Download: The Wonderful 101
Huh? Deus Ex Universe and Hitman Go trademarks found
Sony is targeting families with the PS Vita TV
Need a challenge? Pivvot is free this week on iOS
Terraria is out on Android now for five dollars
Gone Home has sold 50,000 copies
Six bucks for System Shock 2, Hard Reset, and more
James Pond is coming to Kickstarter

Rhymedown Spectacular: Secret Cream

Princess Peach confirmed for Wii U/3DS Smash Bros.
Phantasy Star Nova opens up official site
Bound by Flame is an intriguing prospect
Lovely, huge art book: The Art of God of War: Ascension
Disgaea 4 will hit the PlayStation Vita in 2014 in Japan
Sportsmanlike players win more in League of Legends
Blue Estate is heading to the PC via Leap Motion
Locomalito takes us back to the ’80s with Verminian Trap
I like everything I’ve seen about Hyper Light Drifter
Disney debuts new featured Toy Boxes for Disney Infinity
Tesla Effect looks just like good old Tex Murphy

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