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Ridiculous Raps by Devo Spice is such an awesome idea! I…really wish I’d thought of it. He’s still taking song suggestions on his Facebook page. This is one my pal TV’s Kyle posted a while back.

Today on the site, Kyle MacGregor asked most of us weighed to in on our favorite Wii titles, Sup Holmes go bro-mantic, Allistair found himself Under Defeat, and more happened on Dtoid on the 28th of MOvember.

Destructoid Original:
Rejected Contra 4 bro-ments made it to Double Dragon Neon
Destructoid’s favorite Wii games: A farewell tribute
Live show: Family Guy: Back To The Multiverse

The Network Roundup: Let’s Lotto
Community blogs of 11/28
Forum thread of the day: Halo 4

Review: Under Defeat HD

Yoshi Land may be coming to the Wii U
Nintendo offers a free 3DS game for XL owners…in Europe
Unchained Blades sequel may be localized
LEGO Lord of the Rings now has a 360 and PS3 demo
Bridge Constructor devs attempt a bold new strategy
A demo for Fractured Soul is coming to the eShop
Mutant Mudds Deluxe officially confirmed for Q1 2013
Nintendo planning massive restructure for 2013
Nicalis bringing The Binding of Isaac remake to consoles
Pier Solar HD hits funding goal on Kickstarter
Sony open to story changes for God of War movie

Hyrule Historia to only get 4,000 Limited Edition copies
Fourth Archie Mega Man graphic novel collection en route

Sticky facial bombs in our Halo 4 custom games
Dreamcast shmup Under Defeat HD now available for PS3
Gunstringer: Dead Man Running gets a trailer
A wild Etrian Odyssey IV trailer appears!
Playing as the Dungeon Master in Dungeonland
District 187: Sin Streets now available on Steam
Robot Chicken made a PlayStation All-Stars commercial
Guardians of Middle-earth: Goblins vs. Elves
Dementium II trailer shows off PC footage

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