The Daily Hotness: Bacon Pancakes, New York

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Well, there’s no topping this one. This is the greatest achievement humankind has will ever possibly be able to come up. Revel in its glory. And bacon pancakes.

On this fine post-Turkey Day, we’re still talking about the Wii U (and so is Nintendo), it was Cyber Monday, we shared our favorite videogame Christmas tracks, and so many more beautiful happenings occurred on this day in the history of time in our known universe (a.k.a. 11/26/2012).

Destructoid Originals:
Sound Card 010: Top ten game music tracks for Christmas 
Live show: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
The DTOID Show: Wii U, Mini Wii, ME3 DLC & Epic Mickey 
The Network Roundup: Let’s Cyber 

Community blog of 11/26
Forum thread of the day: Halo 4 (page 97)

Review: Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition 

Final Symphony brings Final Fantasy to London in 2013  

Turrican Soundtrack Anthology delayed to spring 2013
Halo 4 Map Pack dates allegedly leaked 
Nintendo says third party games look much better on Wii U 
Ubisoft demands new consoles so it can make new IP 
Amazon has Cyber Monday deals 
No Borderlands 2 for Wii U, wouldn’t be ‘OMG’ enough 
Microsoft unveils their Xbox Live Cyber Monday deals 
Steam hits 6 million concurrent user mark 
Max Payne 3 ‘Painful Memories’ DLC out December 4 
Wii U sells 400,000 units  
Hotline Miami DLC to now be standalone sequel 
MLB 13 The Show to release March 5 

Football, videogames, music, and sex converge at last 
Cardboard Wii U GamePad enjoys eBay bid of $91,300.00 
Jimquisition: Friends  

Halo 4’s Spartan Ops Episode 4 releases today 
Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC launch trailer 
Observe the Far Cry 3 Map Editor in action 
Latest PlanetSide 2 trailer asks you one simple question 

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