The Daily Hotness: April Fools, take two

I just realized that our blogging software ate my Daily Hotness post for April 1. It’s my birthday as I’m writing this so I’m not even going to try and categorizes these links.


We’ll be hearing more about The Agency very soon
Mega64: It’s the goddamn Batman!
Your first look at Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D
Bowling says MW2’s glitches didn’t hurt its popularity
No Joke: This is Dragon Age April Fool’s DLC
Halo: The Movie will be the best movie ever
No playable women in Crackdown 2 in order to save memory
Lost Blaster Master sequel coming to Virtual Console
Capcom is giving away a Miles Edgeworth DSi!
You can now buy some iPad games before you get an iPad
Civilization V getting Extreme Diplomacy mode
NES-ified Dark Side of the Moon is certifiably awesome
Bayonetta goes 8-bit with Angel Land
HMX, MTV, T-Mobile partner to highlight your friend’s dad’s band in Rock Band
Geometry Wars 3? Not happening, says Bizarre Creations
Exclusive Hydrophobia screenshots are exclusive!
The Forgotten Sands gets collector’s edition (Update)
MI6: Sony claims to have lost the arrogance as a company
Splash Damage reveals Tapir Wars 3: It Just Got Chilly
Meet the Law Abiding Engineer
Yellow Forest DLC available in HeartGold/SoulSilver now!
A bunch of decent XBLA games are now half off
Star Wars: The Old Republic has a surprising new class
Remedy announces Alan Wake Wars!
Deadly Premonition Game of the Year Edition announced!
PopCap to offer a limited celebrity edition of Bejeweled
Shoot 1UP dev announces Rage Against Charlie Sheen
Mega64: Motion controls SUCK
PS3 bringing back Other OS feature for Netscape
President Obama brings health care to videogames
PSA: The first proper Dragon Age comic is now available
Latest Club Nintendo goodies unveiled
Submarines: a game will feature them this summer
We’re turning comments off for a bit
Several new PS3 Greatest Hits titles spotted
Video: Final Fantasy XIV’s Eorzea walkthrough


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