The Daily Hotness: Anime Expo

The beastly Dale North posted this video of Steadycam Guy’s cosplay coverage from Anime Expo over on Japanator. As always, these videos are simply splendid.

We previewed Dyad, Ms. Splosion Man will be 800 MS Points, there’s a Pokemon app on the way, the PlayStation Store is coming back to Japan this week and more happened on 7/5/11.

Destructoid Original:
Why don’t 3D Sonic games just use driving controls?
The world in my hands
Live show: Mash Tactics vs. Alice: Madness Returns
Live Show: Backlog is running out of Pikmin

Community blogs of 7/5
Forum thread of the day: Fallout: New Vegas

Win tickets to the chiptune Pulsewave show in SF!
Winners of the Earth Defense Force: IA contest!

Preview: Dyad

Final Fantasy VII sackboys in LittleBigPlanet 2 are ugly!
Super Mario 3DS to feature more classic suits
PlayStation Store is finally back up in Japan
Deadly Premonition to hit Games on Demand in Europe also
Final Fantasy Type-0 may come to North America
Rumor: PlayStation Network redesign in the test phase
Check out Yuji Naka’s iOS Unreal Engine demo on App Store
Battlefield 3 not aiming to be controversial
OnLive debuts sub-millisecond latency wireless tech
Far Cry 3 boasts ‘ten times’ the scale of Far Cry 2
Official Pokemon smartphone app coming to iOS, Android
PSA: Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta now open to all
No quick-time-events or vehicles for Prey 2
New imports for PSN: Rapid Angel and Yakiniku Bugyou
Free App of the Day: Creatures & Castles
Gaikai signs agreement with Capcom for streaming service
Darkness 2 dev: iPad will ‘encroach’ on consoles
Former Tom Clancy devs form new studio: The Game Bakers
Review: Dream Trigger 3D
Ms. Splosion Man spotted on Steam
Ms. Splosion Man priced at a mere 800 MS Points
Rumor: Rockstar has ‘disdain’ for Team Bondi

Don’t mess with Katamari’s Prince of All Cosmos
The Rabbids hope your Fourth of July was fun
Will this Sonic fan film trailer make you do ‘The Urkel’?
Star Wars: Galactic Warfare mod hits Call of Duty 4

New details show Deus Ex is not your average FPS
Senran Kagura media blowout talks everything but gameplay
War in the North gets collector’s box, pre-order items
ICO, Shadow of the Colossus PS3 trailers are lovely
Oh look, some Dragon’s Dogma screenshots
Nice new concept art for PS Vita game Gravity
New Vegas gets the Old World Blues in new screenshots
Catherine: Underwear check trailer, screens, demo date

Hamza Aziz