Why don't 3D Sonic games just use driving controls?


I've been having this random thought in my head lately and I felt the need to share it with you, the fine Destructoid readers. You see, I hate 90% of 3D Sonic the Hedgehog gameplay as popularized in Sonic Adventure, but I actually quite like the concept. 

My biggest problem is that Sonic Team has always tried to merge racing gameplay with traditional platform controls. You use the movement stick to make Sonic run forwards, backwards and turn around, and it leads to incredibly messy gameplay at high speeds. Yet, you gain speed and even drift like a car -- so why doesn't Sonic control like a car? 

It would eliminate at least half of my problem with the later games if you pressed a button to accelerate Sonic, rather than used a stick to handle all movement. Collecting rings, turning corners, and avoiding utter frustration would be far easier. You could still do all the jumping stuff, you'd just have Sonic handle more like a car in a racing game than a platformer. 

The closest I think a game came to this was Sonic and the Secret Rings on Wii, in which Sonic automatically ran and you concentrated on steering. If it weren't for the shittily designed levels, it would've been pretty decent. I just don't get why Sonic Team has abandoned that in favor of attempting to make what really is a racing game control like a platformer. 

Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing was a good little game. Just take Sonic out of the car, populate the tracks with enemies, and bingo! You have a fun 3D Sonic game. Sounds simple to me, or am I just talking nonsense?

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