The Daily Hotness: Adam will eat anything

Don’t mess with Beedog, folks.

Dale hates Final Fantasy XIII, Ben reviewed Chime, Jim checked out Dawn of War II, original Xbox Live support is going down, Sonic 4 will be hitting the iPhone, Fable III is at its final edit, Monster Hunter Frontier might leave Japan and more happened on 02/06/10.

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Community blogs of 02/05/10
Forum of the day: The Destructoid Community social networking circle


Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising


Rebellion apologizes for Aliens vs. Predator demo fiasco
Original Xbox Live support getting discontinued in April
Assassin’s Creed iPhone is not the ‘new episode’ of AC II
Brock Lesnar to be the face of UFC Undisputed 2010
L.A. Noire no longer a PS3 exclusive, hitting 360 as well
Sonic 4 scheduled for July, planned for iPhone
Get the Heavy Rain demo now because you’re a cheater
Bayonetta breaks one million sales
Final Fantasy VII would be ‘difficult’ to remake
No objection: WiiWare Phoenix Wright coming sooner
Ubisoft to announce something ‘big’ next week
Concept art from EA’s canceled Road Rash and… Oliver Twist?
A Grand Theft Auto movie almost happened
Monster Hunter Frontier could leave Japan
Not happening: A fix for Mass Effect 2 tiny text issue
BioShock 2 soundtrack digital release: February 9th
echoshift: The time puzzle-solving brother of echochrome
Project update: Fable III ‘almost at its final edit’
Ruffian including this fan-made graffiti in Crackdown 2

Geek chic: Zelda fans will like tonight’s offerings
Game music and rap mash-up Vinyl Fantasy 7 shut down
Mario Land: Steve says, ‘One coin? Facke you.’

Yes, ModNation Racers is coming to the PSP
Primal Carnage has team-based dinosaur vs. human fights
Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising trailer is pretty chaotic
Aliens vs. Predator vs. a lone rookie who isn’t very good
Brave Arms: an FPS for Facebook is announced
Meet ‘the children’ in Dragon Age ‘Awakening’

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