The Daily Hotness: A thumbs up isn’t pedophilia

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In case you haven’t heard, our lovely Jonathan Holmes released his TTWAV music to the world via Machinima and, well, a lot of them didn’t like it. Shame on them! If you haven’t already, pop on over and give it a thumbs up. 

DmC fans threatened Ninja Theory’s lives, Binding of Isaac is getting an expansion… eventually, Miyamoto is working on an unannounced new IP, Michael Pachter provided today’s Nintendo doom’n’gloom, and more happened on 1/6/2012. 

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The DTOID Show: CES preview with Anthony Carboni!

Community blogs of 1/6
Forum thread of the day: Food/drinks that make you smarter?

You’re almost too late to get PAX East passes

Steam celebrates seventh year of 100 percent sales growth
Analyst says PlayStation lacks consumer excitement
Vita game Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus set for launch day
Ninja Theory got death threats over DmC: Devil May Cry
Xbox Live account hacked? Microsoft is there to not help!
Square Enix to bring Scarygirl to XBLA and PSN
Pachter: Wii U ‘all but assured’ of poor dev support
Patience pays: Gran Turismo 5 XL hits PS3 on Jan. 17
Toys’R’Us has Rayman Origins for $20 with free shipping
South Park: The Game looks like South Park: The Show
Binding of Isaac to expand with ‘Wrath of the Lamb’
Miyamoto is heading up an ‘undisclosed original title’
Thousands show support for a PC version of Dark Souls
Firefall now has its own official cosplay team
Prototype 2 GameStop pre-orders get ‘Butt Kicker’ power

No kidding! Princess Peach is vapid and easy
Cute Mega Man copycat Rokko Chan gets OST and art book

Beautiful new Journey trailer bigs up the music

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