The Daily Hotness 06/30/08

Welcome to the party, Sony. You’re only over a year late, but hey, better late than never, right?

Nick previews Too Human, the Xbox 360 is getting a price drop, we have another new contest debut this week, Rock Band 2 is coming out this year, Sony shows off firmware v2.40 for the PS3, and a lot more happened on Monday, June 30th at Destructoid.

Monday Regulars:
New releases for the week of 06/30/08
Virtual releases for the week of June 30th: Puzzles of Fury edition
Soulcalibur on XBLA this Wednesday
Monday Mind Teasers 06/30/08

Original Features:
The start of the affair: NHL 95
The start of the affair: Porky’s

THQ Holiday Junket: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 impressions
Four reasons why you should be ‘for’ (or ‘against’) Silicon Knights’ Too Human

Go balls deep to win a Top Spin 3 prize package!

Rock Band 2 coming this year
Sony shows off in-game XMB in first part of firmware v2.40 walkthrough
Europe finally gets DualShock 3 release date [Update]
Sony trots out Trophies in part 2 of firmware v2.40 walkthrough [update]
BBFC vs. EA/Microsoft: Cutting through the bullsh*t
Sony patents touch screen, we jump to conclusions
Street Fighter IV officially hits Japanese arcades on July 18th
The Who finally coming to Rock Band on July 15th, but not quite as promised
Valve hacker caught by police after spending 13 mil Euros of stolen money
PS2 games coming to the PlayStation Store?
Minnesota pays games industry $65,000 for pursuing its unconstitutional law
June NPD shows that Spore is supreme
One in five Canadian men have gamed in the nude
Age of Conan now the second largest subscription-based MMO
OH SNAP! Xbox 360 Premium dropping in price shortly before E3
Resident Evil infects Los Angeles orchestra
Blizzard: We wanted to merge with Activision
PS3 2.40 Firmware FAQ: Eric loves cheese edition
Atlus and NIS America tag team for Disgaea DS and Rhapsody: A Musicial Adventure

New Cooking Mama feast in the works, now in 3D
Sexy SOCOM headset screens
Echochrome postcards are perfect for obscure humor mailings

Cliffy Bleszy shows off Gears of War 2‘s multiplayer

Let GLaDOS drive you home: GPS system simulates psychopathic AI’s voice

C Blogs of 06/30/08
The start of the affair: Zelda II
The start of the affair: The local rental store

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