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CBlogs of 6.30.2008 + Zimmerisms


S- 4 years is like a century on the innernets
S- power-glove is a speed demon and I couldn't keep up
S- We saw this breadmaking video a while ago
S- If you're going to post stuff that's been all over the blogs and the front page already, like the firmware videos, please include more than perfunctory commentary on it
F- Please don't tell me to go visit your other blog on some other site
F- Please put posts centered entirely around a question into the forums where they can be discussed more easily
F- That's not a mountain, dude. It's a molehill.

F- This sort of thing is funny and poignant once
F- Maybe twice
F- But some people don't know when a joke has run its course
F- And then some people are just assholes - EDIT: Sorry, Gregor. You're not an asshole, you're just the guy who wound up doing this last when I was already really frustrated with this whole running list of posts. I apologize.
F- But, seriously, don't we have comments for this stuff?

F- Okay, okay, the title of this one is actually pretty funny.

This is the biggest recap I've ever been a part of, and it's really stunning how much output you guys managed to generate in a single day. And I'm not talking about the several running posts that followed Yojimbo's article where he essentially called me (and all Live users) morons because they pay for the service, either. I do want to address that, however.

The internet is serious business, right? Of course it is, and I enjoy a good running gag probably more than the next guy. At the same time, when stuff like this happens, it has a chance of being off-putting to people, especially if they aren't familiar with the site and its personalities. It all ties back to what Nick was posting when the Etrian Odyssey contest was going on, or what Samit contributed to FAILCAST. You guys might be the lifeblood of Dtoid, but we need more if the site is going to grow up big and strong.

Here today, we had several people pop their CBlogging cherry and they weren't even the usual fail we've come to expect from introductions. These were solid posts, one of which even wound up a pick from me, something I rarely do. A couple of other decent posts wound up in the midst of all the other stuff and seemed to go largely unnoticed. I'd hate to see these people look at the chaos that occurred today and just decide to walk away.

I'm not saying we shouldn't be having a good time in the blogs. We aren't Kotaku, after all, and the irreverent spirit and passion of the people involved is what has driven me to the level of participation I have. I guess all I'm asking is that, before you post that third or fourth in a chain of mockingly referential posts, ask yourself if the joke is played out. And if you see posts like this that are running far beyond the point that they're funny, odds are it's trolling fail that doesn't deserve your attention in the first place.

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