The Daily Hotness 06/27/08

Today, Jonathan Holmes announced the Blast Works contest. Create the best Destructoid-themed Blast Works level and you’ll win some sweet prizes. Check out the contest post for the full details and rules.

Samit previews Baja: Edge of Control, LucasArts lays off key members of the Force Unleashed team, 3D Realms had no idea E3 is right around the corner and plenty more happened at Dtoid on Friday the 27th.

Friday Regulars:
Indie Nation #24: Warning Forever
RetroforceFAUX! Barry Manilow stole my bike edition
Friday Night Fights: Summer drought edition
Art Attack Friday: Deimos-Remus

THQ Holiday Junket: Baja: Edge of Control impressions

The Destructoid/Blast Works level design contest

EA announces All-Play umbrella for the Wii
PS3 video service may provide PSP compatibility
Nintendo hinders Daigasso! Band Bros DX piracy attempts
What? LucasArts lays off key members of Force Unleashed team
Better late than never: LEGO Indiana Jones demo hits Xbox Live
Jumpgate Evolution begins beta signup
Chubby Japanese people are helping game makers get rich launch Diablo 3 forums, internet loses pants
Duke Nukem Forever devs had no idea E3 was coming
Ubisoft announces 4 new “Games for Everyone” DS titles
No beta for Guild Wars 2 this year
Half-Life 2: Episode 3 not at E3, playable Left 4 Dead the consolation prize
This Week in Rock Band DLC: Crüe Fest Track Pack and a freebie

Japan gets new Disgaea 3 content packs while we wait patiently
New Halo Wars screenshots and information
Werewolves will play a part in Legendary‘s multiplayer

The PSP from erotic Hell
Your life could be weirder: Sega’s Wack-A-Doodle-Doo

Two new Persona 4 trailers: Is that Kira?

CBlogs of 06/27/08
The start of the affair: Penny Arcade
The start of the affair: Rampage World Tour

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