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CBlogs of 6.27.2008

Listen, I indulge in alcoholic beverages. I figured with the popularity of drunk posts I’d get in on the action. I’ve been doing Tequila shots and am very buzzed. So if you see any mistakes or if I forgot your blog blame it on the booze.

*- Tequila!

A- Boys have a penis, girls have a slow attack animation.
A- Play more games with your mommy
A- Computer sorcery!
A- MGS IV is a game for the weak minded
S- European VC update
S- UK bargains
S- Today @Amazon: A bunch of Nintendo crap
S- Aborto learns things. Knowledge is power!
S- Rock Band DLC 7/1
M- The start of the affair: My Father and Adventure Games (M3RCUR1)
M- The Start of the Affair: My Very Own Mute, My Very Own Heartstrings (unangbangkay)
M- Start of the Affair: Shenmue (Teen Idol)

E- Over 9000! (iwontusemyname)
E- Over 9000! (TheBlackLotus)
E- Over 9000! (wardrox)
E- Over 9000! (specter620)
E- Over 9000! (ZombiePlatypus)
E- Over 9000! (bbrigg1)

F- Euro FNF TF2
F- Euro FNF
F- PS3 FNF: Do yourself a favor and pick it up on Bluray
F- 360 FNF
F- Euro FNF recap
S- One man’s sordid history with Blizzard games.
S- I get drunk too but you don’t see me blogging about it… Wait, nevermind.
S- Drinky drinky drunk drunk
S- Unlike kacie I will not be apologizing for my actions tonight.
S- Rio gets a shirt… and stuff
B- BlackSheep is another year close to the grave
R- Another one bites the dust

N- Cheat your way to rarer Pokemon today
N- Don’t really care about Soul Caliber 4 tag team. The only tag team I care about are The New Age Outlaws
N- The 360 is slashing prices. Everything must go!
N- EA is giving the Wii is own crappy sports titles
N- Hudson’s bringing more VC games in June
N- EB Games buys a some store I’ve never heard of
N- New Halo novel for people how find Hardy Boys books too challenging
N- Bill Gates go bye bye
N- Rock Band 2 has a new name
N- Diablo 3! Woo! Where are my pants?
N- Kingdom Hearts 3? Maybe?
N- Halo Wars: the generic RTS based on the hit generic FPS series
N- Madden is a cheap whore
N- Luc has forsaken us!
N- DC online: if I can’t rape Sue Dibney I don’t see the point of playing.
N- GH IV stuff
N- Megaman 9 is a whore. It’ll distribute on any platform
N- AC/DC in RB 2. Abbreviations are fun.
N- Crytek CEO talks about stuff and junk
N- Free stuff for R6V2. Now if it was for a game I cared about
V- These guys want to make an Indiana Jones game. I know that’s not what they mean by “Indie” but I’ve been saving that pun for months
V- Now someone need to make a little Crono for Lavos to kill
V- QUAKE ON ME!!!!!!
R- Space Invaders EXTERME!!!
R- Bad Company is underwhelming
T- I am Commander Choke-a-bitch of the Citadel Council
T- The SNES is a little gray box of joy
T- Codename: Rio Bravo is the game of the future
T- More Blizzard splash screen stuff
T- Chrunshii looks for answers to life’s big questions
T- I don’t know who you are but welcome back
T- This my be the booze talking but I’d fuck all of these fictional women
T- njsykora thinks that he’s smart so he’s going to write a destructoid quiz for Buzz!
T- 3… 4… 5… Johnny 5 is ALIVE!!!
T- Nintendo is a filthy cock-teasing whore!
T- Wake me up when its Destructoid vs. Godzilla
T- Gotta catch ‘em all, even the ones at Gamestop
T- Not very well, thanks for asking.

A- If this doesn’t belong in art, then I don’t know what does.
M- Legally Bond the Musical: no thanks, I’ll pass.
F- An anime about robots that change into planes that aren’t named Starscream
F- I don’t think Pixar can make a bad movie. Except Cars, fuck Cars.

R- Adam West is the best Batman. Also, the best Mayor
V- Live action Arkanoid
V- I don’t need this. I get more ass than… something that gets a lot of ass
C- Short blog about a band I’ve never head of
C- Mario for charity
?- Battletoads or something
?- Are Tequilla shots a snack? I like those.
?- Fictional TF2 spy update

F- This guy put out a lot of stupid crap. I’m not going to recap them all because really I don’t want to.
F- I don’t like you. Wanna fight?
F- Yellow flag. Yellow like pee… heh heh, pee…
F- Broken images and short

Fear and Loathing in the CBLOG RECAPS
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