The Daily Hotness 06/18/08

Mr. Resetti a hero? That’s what Rev Anthony believes. He wrote up a very compelling piece explaining why Resetti is the most heroic videogame character ever. Only Rev would think of something like that. 

Other stuff from today include a new contest where you can win a special Xbox 360 with DBZ: Burst Limit, an amazing new Sonic Unleashed trailer, Jim creates his own Viva Piñatas, and much more. 

Wednesday Regulars:
Podtoid 58 tonight, probably about sexism
Scraps: Crap we missed on 6/18/08

Original Features:
Concept art from Hell: Viva Pinarcotics
Why Resetti the mole is the most heroic videogame character ever created

What Destructoid readers want from contests – the shocking results!
Go OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAND to win a special 360 and DBZ: Burst Limit

Rock Band Wii guitar impressions in which a tiny screw kills my rock star dreams

Just-announced PS3 system software v2.36 is out [update]
Itagaki recieves gag-order, rolls eyes behind sunglasses
Burn, baby, burn: Team Fortress 2 Pyro gets some new toys
Need for Speed: Undercover to take cues from action film The Transporter?
Square-Enix holds exclusive party, snubs attendees with trailers and laughter
Final Fantasy XIII Versus development suspended
Nintendo DS centers (sorry, centres) coming to the UK
Adventure games live! Last King of Africa DS announced
Knights of the Old Republic MMO set for a 2010 release?
Sad koala! Boom Blox debuts to low sales numbers
NBA Live 09 producers spill (some of) the goods
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Database sneaks onto PSN tomorrow
Classic songs from The Offspring ‘coming soon’ to Rock Band
Terminal Reality has Zootfly to thank for helping to make Ghostbusters a reality

New Sonic Unleashed trailer is AMAZING!!!

Space Invaders merch madness yields spiffy headphones

11 new screens of Dead Space terror for your perusal

Rumortoid: Crucible the work of an Oblivion designer?

The start of the affair: Link’s Awakening
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