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CBlogs of 6.18.2008

Christ. Sorry it's late everyone (particularly the two of you bitching down there), but I wound up with killer seats to a baseball game tonight and decided to shirk responsibility until later. How was I to know Sterling was gonna announce a new contest?

Canadian Zimmerisms are gonna have to wait for another day, but I'll post what the most awesome thing is about Canada on Monday's recap. Enjoy.

*- I, too, adore Simon's Quest despite all the evidence
*- Normally, I don't go in for whining about how the internet is making life difficult for gamers, but this is a critical flaw that we should bitch about
*- Best. Contest. Ever.
*- This Start of the Affair is really only so-so, but I'm giving it massive cred for naming practically every Genesis game I would drop anything to play again

A- Crucible video is a story of pain, heartache, and our desperation for news (Brad Nicholson)
S- Retro Pain: Tekeshi no Chousenjou (Procyon)
M- Solomon's Key is Haxan's lost love
M- aborto thefetus got interested by Resident Evil 2
M- Gibbo says "ditto"
M- smurfee mcgee spent a lot of time in dark places surrounded by sweaty men (arcades)
M- Bioshock changed how Tokyo Chicken sees the world

C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (FINALLY Ends 6.30)
C- Superflossy wants to sex you up with a kick ass MGS shirt (6.20)
C- Tell me how to give away a Dreamcast and I'll give you one too. (Ends 6.23)
C- masterledz birthday contest (Ends 6.20)
9000- atk103
9000- RayCharles
9000- cypherVR
9000- twesterm
9000- superhobo
9000- Michiyoyoshiku
9000- Angel Thanatos

F- PS3 Poker Nights, now on Wednesdays
C- boatarious wants to start a WAR guild
C- Shinu went to Japan, conveniently forgot to give us more pics
C- Shipero's organizing a D&D campaign for the uberdorks out there
I- PapaDukes is the new guy
I- mitchie mouse explains why he's writing a blog, say hello

N- Diablo 2 patches again? Really?
N- These new games look mediocre
N- More songs from The Offspring coming to Rock Band
N- Squeenix says delay on The Last Remnant due to Unreal Engine
N- Call of Duty 5 screenshots (check comments because they aren't embedded in the post)
N- Squeenix to show off new titles at exclusive event, non-fanboys need not apply
N- XNA Chief thinks community capable of self-rating content
N- Assorted news nuggets
N- PSN delivering Metal Gear Solid 4 Database tomorrow
N- Ubisoft confirms Driv4r
N- LucasArts sugggest Wii Lightsaber game. Hear a thousand fanboys cry out and never shut up
V- Video review of Burnout Paradise
V- Spore Flying Purple People Eater
V- Zero Punctuation finds Yahtzee having bad trip on Haze
V- Capcom's new fighter Fate / Unlimited Codes reminds me of Guilty Gear without the kookiness
R- Gear Review: Gioteck Real Triggers
R- Alone in the Dark disappoints worse than, well, being Alone in the Dark
T- Prey was a harbinger of things to come
T- Worries based on Sonic Unleashed trailer
T- ParaParaKing's wants for the inevitable MSG4 re-release
T- Patience is a virtue MaSuTa lacks
T- vexed alex shares his feelings on MGS4
T- Basic tips for getting the most out of your display
T- zockroach has a lot of gaming to do
T- milescosmo is a busy dude
T- EA store server buckling under demand for Spore Creature Creator
T- Butmac, comic nerd extraordinaire, somehow missed the Spider-man arcade game
T- Schmo0zle's been tainted by FPS games
T- BlindsideDork has lost interest in his DS
T- Things to Do in Liberty City When You're Done
T- Music in Sonic Unleashed trailer might be a good indicator of quality
T- Another person sick of pants tenting
T- sfranks wants to intellectualize games writing
T- XBLA should be doing multiplayer demos
T- NamelessTed thinks MGS4 sucks
T- GrumpyTurtle shares his feelings about Lost Odyssey
T- Maybe ordering games online is the better way to go
T- Resident Evil 4 impressions
T- Pixel Junk Monsters demo impressions
T- mitchie mouse wants to be the bad guy
R- NihonTiger tells Riccitiello why journos keep slagging him

M- New Final Fantasy remix album forthcoming
M- Chiptunes show at The Tank in NYC on Saturday
M- OverClocked Remix is awesome
F- Orcist found Juno disappointing

R- 'Cause breaking up is hard to do
R- Stuff Cletus posted, with awesome pic inside
R- Japan and South Korea in robo Cold War
R- ZServ has stupid friends
R- unstoppablejuggernaut is an athiest, are you? (no, I'm not)
R- knuxsonic is reading a book
R- Scans from EGM of Christmas Past
R- Comparisons of cast stills from TF2. No, I don't know why we should care.
?- I don't know and I'm pretty sure I don't want to

S- We saw the Sonic video days ago
S- A slew of days-old Nintendo news
F- They weren't knighted
F- Why must you persist in spamming us?
F- Forums
F- Forums
F- Get yer 4chan out of mah Dtoid
F- I don't care that you bought a strategy guide to MGS4, I just care that you're wasting my time
F- You got about half the formula for an intro, but still managed to suck
F- I've seen much, much worse but I'm cranky and tired and you make practically no sense

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