The Daily Hotness 06/10/08

We’re only in the third episode of the Hey Ashly, Whatcha Playing series and it’s already exploded all over the Internets. The latest episode involves BioShock spoilers and lots of slapping.

Other stuff that happened today include the Jim’s latest Ten Golden Rules article, Ron tells us that Mega Man 9 might be in the works, and The GHost shows us his Dtoid Cards.  

Original Features:
Ten Golden Rules of Metal Gear Solid
Hey Ashly, Whatcha Playing: Episode Three

Paging Bryan Oleary: Destructoid has a PlayStation 3 in your name

My Pokemon Ranch Impressions: Let me show you them

British government responds to tax break petition
Psychiatrist says that WoW is more embarrassing than porn
World’s fastest supercomputer uses PS3 technology
Ratchet & Clank: En Busca del Tesoro is my favorite Spanish PSN game
God of War dev ditches the PSP
Gamestop promotes game trading with … air fresheners?
Sexagenarian Madden fan proves being old and a gamer aren’t mutually exclusive
Japanese Square Enix members get Moogle mug, America gets nothing
Free game is free: Psi-Ops

Rumortoid: Mega Man 9 in the works? Spacecat tells all
Rumortoid: Spoilerific Portal 2 casting call ruins everything for everyone

Japan gets Tales of Vesperia Xbox 360 bundle
Zombie slobber! Check out these new Dead Island images
Square reveals new Infinite Undiscovery screens
New Darksiders: Wrath of War screenshots and artwork

Star Ocean: The Last Hope announced for 360
Realtime Worlds to give APB an open beta

The start of the affair: Final Fantasy IV
The GHost’s big Destructoid card wrap-up extravaganza!
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