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Cblogs of 06.10.08


Today was a busy day. On top of doing the recaps I have to clean up crap around the house and I also went over some things for Balth’s new D&D campaign that he’s starting up. I’m also pretty sure I was supposed to do something at work today as well but too late now, I’m sure whatever it was couldn’t have been that important. All in all it’s been a rich full day. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to drink a half a bottle of scotch and try to fend off the horrible nightmares for another night.

*- Teta should do a Destructoid animated series and I should be cast as the wisecracking leprechaun.
*- brainderailment celebrates his birthday by pretending he’s a Microsoft engineer.

A- Which version of the web will have virtual reality sex? Wake me up when that one hits.
A- I prefer to keep my hobbies separate.
A- The Ghost officially states that he hates me. I always kind of figured as such, what with the death threats and all.
A- GTA retrospective.
A- Shick vs. Scary: Sonic Adventure 2
A- Shick vs. Scary: Sonic Adventure 1
S- Why MMOs? NJ Investigates
S- Why I love the mailman. Is it because he delivers his package daily? Hamina Hamina Hamina
M- The Start of the Affair (thinkfreemind)
M- The Start of the Affair (coonskin05)
M- The Start of the Affair (kwaselow)
M- The Start of the Affair (Brahms)
M- The Start of the Affair (PhazonYoshi)
M- The Start of the Affair (GigaMach)
M- The Start of the Affair (xColoradoGamerx)

C- Call of Duty 4 Map Pack Contest
C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt
C- Baseball bats: not just for collecting debts anymore.
W- Call of Duty 4 Map Pack Contest Winner

E- Florida NARP. If I see thirty blogs recapping the events of this NARP too, I can’t be held responsible for my actions.
E- Meet Hideo Kojima. …His boy Elroy.
E- San Diego Comic Con. Say hi to Jack Knight for me.
F- Y0j1mb0’s talking smack again. To the surprise of no one.
F- Educate yourself this Friday.
F- TF Tuesdays
S- CypherVR gots himself a Wii.
I- Tales of Etrian’s Intro

N- Star Ocean 4 coming to the 360. Change “Ocean” to “Tropics” then you’ll have my attention.
N- Roadrunner is actually powered my tiny wizards.
N- Spiderman does whatever a spider can. Like scare my mom shitless.
N- EA’s new “football” game. The quotation marks denote my distain for the “sport”.
N- Purr Pals exclusive.
N- I’ll enjoy infamous as long a I can throw busses at orphanages.
V- It’s ok VoyToid, they’re just happy to see you.
V- Screw Attack’s top ten game titles we pulled out of our ass.
V- The Mega 64 video is 10x better than the actual game.
V- Gigantic swords are always cool/
V- The g-man is Gordon Freeman from the future. At least that’s what I heard.
V- Street Fighter 4’s going to kick your face.
R- People have been telling me to try The Club and I just keep ignoring them.
R- Bad Company, till the day I die.
R- No time for love Block-tor Jones.
R- Ninja Gaiden vs. DMC. Round 1. Fight!
R- My Life as a King review.
R- Mass Effect on the Pee-Cee.
T- It’s always great when someone learns that the PS3 doesn’t, in fact, cause cancer or feed off the souls of children.
T- Initial D: a manly game with manly women.
T- Trev wants a Metal Gear Solid keychain. He wants it bad.
T- Eek! A penis monster!
T- *Cough* *Cough* System Shock 2 *Cough*
T- unstoppablejuggernaut shows no love for the ladies.
T- I don’t think so. Last time someone invited me to suck their PSP it ended… badly.
T- As long as Shia LaBeouf isn’t in the new Indiana Jones game I’ll be happy.
T- Still no love for the ladies.
T- New issue of Retrogaming Times Monthly
T- maxio098ui want’s to know what game to get.
T- Someone else wants us to do his thinking for him.
T- A mediocre EA sports title? You don’t say…
T- Stupid Asians and their early releases.
T- Prey and vaginas, a match made in my nightmares.

F- Moltar wants you to watch The King of Kong.
F- New Red vs. Blue Episode

R- taumpytears is getting thirsty. You wouldn’t like him when he’s thirsty.
R- Amazing high-def whiteboard.
V- Vince McMahon would move heaven and earth to be together forever with you.
V- World of World of Warcraft + bonus videos while supplies last.
V- armake21 vs. copyright law.
V- Awesome Video Games <3 Destructoid. I have no idea that that is.
C- You spelled “Transformers” wrong.
C- Yes, let’s make Rock Band overly complicated and boring.
C- Yep, people suck.
C- A harrowing tale of love and loss.
C- Konami code in Google Reader, sort of clever.
C- Something about Iron Man.
?- Prince has forsaken us.
?- DToid IT clones?
?- Yep…

S- Someone beat you to it chief.
S- I had the SotC one as my wallpaper like a year ago.
S- Half Life Arcade
F- Duke Nukem Forever has been in development a while. Also, the sky is blue and cows say MOO!
F- Maybe Activision can vandalize your face. BURN!
F- Another winner from BigKev.
F- Thanks for the update.
F- Balth is a dick. A dick that’s going to run a D&D campaign for me, but a dick none the less.

Recaps, recaps aroony-roo… or something. I need more scotch.
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