The Daily Hotness 06/05/08

Holy sh*t! It’s actual in-game footage of Duke Nukem Forever running in real time! I never thought I would live to see the day. Now that this was shown off, there’s a good chance that we’ll be seeing this in greater detail during E3. 
Other big news from today includes the very long Ghostbusters script, GTA IV’s DLC delay, and our new PC editor, Justin Villasenor, joins team Destructoid.

Thursday Regulars:
YTMND Thursday: Quick, change the channel!
Podtoid 56: Monkeys are a satire of humans
The Memory Card .38: Running outside the castle

The creepiest Silent Hill cosplay you will ever see

With Resistance 2, you’ll be playing more and loading less
Two new Web sites for Japanese horror games
Call of Duty 4 reaches the ’10 million units sold worldwide’ milestone
Lollercoaster: Six Flags theme park videogame announced
Surprise Motorhead track pack available for Guitar Hero III
Five Guitar Hero III song packs dropping in June
Ubisoft wants the PSP to not suck, calls for direction
Pardon us while we laugh: Forbes thinks iPhone can kill the DS
New info on Daigasso Band Brothers DX: Instruments and songs galore
Vampire Rain: Altered Species official site goes live
Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 hits PSN today, XBLA on June 11
Ben Heck teams up with EDimensional to create the one-handed controller
Tecmo shares plummet following Itagaki’s departure
EA and Crytek announce non-really-sequel Crysis Warhead
EA ditches the PS3, opts for Xbox 360/PC version of Red Alert 3
Aero Guitar comes to Japanese WiiWare, will see a US release later this year
Duke Nukem Forever footage revealed on premire of The Jace Hall Show
Tits or GTFO: Age of Conan devs apologize for shrinking in-game boobs
Long Ghostbusters script is long
Rock Band 2 exists, survey reveals cover art and non-info
Capcom releases demo for Devil May Cry 4 PC
Student’s Atheism game does more harm than good
Grand Theft Auto IV DLC sorta delayed
Street Fighter IV not hitting consoles until 2009?
Hot Zerg concept art: Well, I certainly fapped
The PC version of Insecticide has gone gold
BioShock movie will coincide with BioShock 3, no one happy or surprised

New Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood trailer
Saints Row 2 trailer takes aim on GTA IV

New screens of NBA Live 09, along with a prediction for the Finals
Intense new screens for Babysitting Mania

Rumortoid: Neversoft ditching Tony Hawk, another dev taking reins?

The Start of the Affair: Mega Man Battle Network
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