The Daily E3 Hotness: Xbox 360 gets slimmed down

Today was Microsoft’s big day. Kinect was detailed and they revealed a brand new Xbox 360. The new system will go for $299 and include built in Wi-Fi. Other than that, EA and Ubisoft announced a bunch of things today too. Check it all out below!

E3 10 Originals:
E3 10: My dog Luna’s impressions of E3 Day One
E3 10: Unboxing the newly redesigned Xbox 360
E3 10: EA’s press conference shows off their big guns
E3 10: A closer look at the final retail Kinect unit
E3 10: Our Kinect reactions… THE VIDEO
E3 10: Impressions from the Natal/Kinect reveal event
E3 10: A closer look at the final retail Kinect unit
E3 10: Our Kinect reactions… THE VIDEO
E3 10: Get your hands on Move this Tuesday
E3 10: Impressions from the Natal/Kinect reveal event

E3 10 Previews:

E3 10: First look at Ubisoft’s Driver: San Francisco

E3 10 News:

E3 10: Get your hands on Move this Tuesday
E3 10: Retail Kinect pricing ‘purely speculative’
E3 10: Old Xbox 360s, memory cards getting phased out
Lose big (weight) with The Biggest Loser for Kinect
E3 10: Ubisoft announces breathing simulator Innergy
E3 10: Ubisoft presents a laser tag game
E3 10: Cannon gameplay in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
E3 10: Mizuguchi plays Child of Eden for our enjoyment
E3 10: Sonic Free Riders announced for Kinect
E3 10: Fedor & Couture on EA Sports MMA cover, out 10/19
E3 10: Kinect requires separate power adapter for old 360
E3 10: Hudson bringing Deca Sports to Kinect
E3 10: Crysis 2 demo’d, getting the 3D treatment
E3 10: Bulletstorm released February 22, 2011
E3 10: Castlevania: Harmony of Despair confirmed for XBLA
E3 10: EA Sports Active 2 announced for Kinect, out 11/16
E3 10: EA Gun Club rewards program brings betas, weapons
E3 10: Medal of Honor impresses with multiplayer action
E3 10: EA announces Vietnam expansion for Bad Company 2
E3 10: Dead Space 2 rocks my face off, gets dated
E3 10: EA reveals Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
E3 10: The future of Forza supports Kinect [Update]
E3 10: Recap of the Microsoft E3 keynote
E3 10: Here it is: The new Xbox
E3 10: Slimmer Xbox 360 revealed, out this week
E3 10: Kinect releases worldwide November 4th, 2010!
E3 10: Hands too small for Wiimotes? Worry no longer!
E3 10: Dance Central lets you dance like a single lady
E3 10: Microsoft reveals ESPN integration with Xbox Live
E3 10: Activsion sends a list of musicians they’ve signed
E3 10: New Star Wars title coming to Kinect
E3 10: Kinect Adventures! looks tech demo-y, kind of rad
E3 10: Kinect Sports by Rare brings full-body waggling
E3 10: Ubisoft reveals Your Shape: Fitness Evolved
E3 10: Kinect Joy Ride brings kart racing to Kinect
E3 10: Cute girl tickles tiger in Kinectimals
E3 10: Microsoft press conference live stream/blog
E3 10: Halo: Reach campaign briefly shown off
E3 10: Crytek’s 360-exclusive Codename: Kingdoms unveiled
E3 10: Using Kinect to control Xbox 360 apps
E3 10: Gears of War 3 live demo shows 4-player co-op
E3 10: VideoKinect is Skype having sex with Wii Speak
E3 10: BBC say PlayStation Move more accurate than Kinect
E3 10: Fable 3 launching October 26
E310: Metal Gear Solid: Rising asks: ‘What will you cut?’
E3 10: Call of Duty: Black Ops shown off
E3 10: Microsoft signs huge exclusive Call of Duty deal
E3 10: Fallout: New Vegas to be released on October 19th
E3 10: Look! Here is another family playing Kinect!
E3 10: THQ officially announces high-def, 3D de Blob 2

E3 10 Media:
E3 10: Joy Ride looks like a joy… ride?
E3 10: Bad Company 2 goes to Vietnam in expansion
E3 10: Dance Central shows off its moves
E3 10: Hunted: The Demon’s Forge looks fantastical
E3 10: Kinect Adventures! screens and OMG PURPLE BOXES
E3 10: Bodycount’s debut trailer tells you you’re hot
E3 10: Super Scribblenauts is pulling me back in
E3 10: Isaac Clarke fights ‘The Puker,’ totally loses
E3 10: Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer is all CG
E3 10: Michael Jackson comes back for one more game
E3 10: Ubisoft unveils Rayman Origins
E3 10: Bulletstorm screens scare the dick off us
E3 10: Trailer for spiritual sequel to Rez looks amazing
E3 10: The lie continues with new CoD: Black Ops trailer
E3 10: Kinectimals is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen
Video of Microsoft’s Cirque Du Soleil crazy event
E3 10: Check out the trailer for Metal Gear Solid: Rising
E3 10: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood gets trailer, date
E3 10: Tales From Space: About a Blob shows off at E3
E3 10: Hideo Kojima is a man of the people
ABC News plays with the Kinect

Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies II

Bodycount is ‘all about the guns’

Win a copy of The Whispered World

E3 10: Sly Cooper Collection is a thing
E3 10: Netflix search functionality coming to Xbox 360
Mad Catz bringing Sonic-themed DS travel cases
Mad Catz ready with Kinect accessories
Creative Director of Ubisoft Montreal says au revoir
NCAA Football 11 demo out today on PS3 and 360
Nintendo downloads: Bejeweled, ninjas and river spirits
Mass Effect 2 demo out today, new DLC out tomorrow
New releases: Toy Story 3, 100 Classic Book and more

E3 BREAK!: Chrono Trigger/Winnie the Pooh fan art

Hamza Aziz