The Daily E3 Hotness: Day two wrapped up

The major news announcements have pretty much dried up, but we still heard some pretty big stuff. The big two announcements on Wednesday were Kojima Production’s two new games: Metal Gear Arcade and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. 

Other than that, we brought you a ton of previews today and have even more coming for you all this week. Hit the break to see everything that happened on 06/03/09. 

E3 Live blog:
E3 09: Square Enix secret press conference live blog
E3 09: Konami press conference live blog

Destructoid E3 Originals:
E3 09: Taking a look at the Big 3’s keynote speeches
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E3 09: On the future of Tetris as a virtual sport
E3 09: God of War III’s visuals will ‘improve dramatically’
E3 09: Tetris CEO regrets Tetris Attack!
E309: Mario & Sonic sneak out for a quickie
E3 09: World exclusive Edge of Twilight trailer

E3 09 News:
E3 09: Tekken 6 will have single player Scenario Campaign
E3 09: EA CEO behind Sony motion controls and Project Natal
E3 09: Kratos is playable in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny
E3 09: Free Perfect Dark theme is out, here’s how it looks
E3 09: Starz and more bring new anime to the PSN
E3 09: Rumortime! Does Metroid: Other M have a release date?
Not quite E3 09: Witcher 1.5 enchanced edition announced
E3 09: Microsoft is pulling the plug on Xbox Originals
E3 09: Final Fantasy XIV is an MMO and…that’s all we know!
E3 09: ModNation Racers turns you into track editing Bob Ross
E3 09: Kojima announces Metal Gear Arcade
E3 09: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow officially announced
E3 09: How does Tales of Monkey Island look? Keep reading
E3 09: Gameloft’s iPhone line up
E3 09: Dual God of War 1/2 Blu-ray re-release not likely
E3 09: Will we see Valve expand to other platforms?
E3 09: Protestors descend upon the Dante’s Inferno booth

E3 09 Previews:
E3 09: I played The Price is Right 2010
E3 09: I pressed my luck with Press Your Luck 2010
E3 09: First look at Alpha Protocol
E3 09: Hands-on with White Knight Chronicles
E3 09: Hands-on with The Conduit singleplayer
E3 09: Splinter Cell Conviction really impressed me
E3 09: Lord of the Rings Aragorn’s Quest impressions
E3 09: New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a breath of fresh air
E3 09: There are dragons and sex in Dragon Age: Origins
E3 09: Dante’s Inferno has large monsters
E3 09: Hands-on with Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles
E3 09: Mass Effect 2 demo impressions
E3 09: BioShock 2 multiplayer impressions
E3 09: Gliding through Italy in Assassin’s Creed 2
E3 09: Gladiator A.D. is ridiculously bloody, also fun
E3 09: Army of Two: The 40th Day still rocks the destruction
E3 09: All Points Bulletin impressions
E3 09: The Grinder is the Wii’s Left 4 Dead
E3 09: Spiffy is back in Secret of Monkey Island: SE
E3 09: Just Cause 2 has crazy grappling hook action
E3 09: Star Wars: The Old Republic live demo impressions
E3 09: Burch ‘n Davis play Mini Ninjas
E3 09: Burch ‘n Davis play Brutal Legend
E3 09: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Republic Heroes impressions
E3 09: Hands-on with Left 4 Dead 2
E3 09: Burch ‘n Davis play Scribblenauts
E3 09: Burch ‘n Davis play R&C Future: A Crack in Time