The charming Call of the Sea is next week’s Epic Games Store freebie

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Epic Games has revealed the next title that it will be offering up to its customers free of charge over on the Epic Games Store — A delightful choice this time around, users will be able to pick up Raw Fury’s period piece adventure Call of the Sea from March 9, for the grand price of Nothing.

Developed by Out of the Blue and released in December 2020, Call of the Sea is a narrative-driven, first-person puzzle adventure, set against the fashion-forward backdrop of the 1930s. Players pick up the role of Norah Everhart, who ventures into a mysterious, uncharted island in the South Pacific in order to locate her husband Harry, who has vanished while on an expedition to uncover a life-changing new medicine.

As Norah explores the island, she will meet a party of strangers — friendly or otherwise — solve puzzles, negotiate traps, and piece together the mysteries of the island, its inhabitants, and the fate of her beloved. With luscious, classic comic artwork, a heartfelt narrative, and some pretty durn tricky, (borderline obtuse), puzzles, Call of the Sea is well worth a look for any puzzle adventure, and could prove to be a fine way to while away a coming weekend or two.

Oh, and be sure to check out our own CJ Andriessen’s review.

Call of the Sea will be available to download from Epic Games Store from March 9 until March 16. Until then, players still have the opportunity to bag current freebie Rise of Industry, before its removal on Wednesday.

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