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It’s F-F-F-Friday, so it’s time to take a look at the next title that Epic Games Store will be offering up to its customer base free of charge — Next week, you’ll be looking to get your entrepreneurial hat on, with the arrival of tycoon simulation Rise of Industry, available to download from March 2.

Released in 2019 and developed by the delightfully named Dapper Penguin Studios, Rise of Industry tasks the player with building and maintaining a thriving industrial economy, set against the backdrop of the money-busting 1930s. The player will be required to micro-manage a number of key factors of industry, from sourcing the raw materials, to building factories and warehouses, to implementing shipping routes and securing trade agreements with other towns, cities, and countries.

Of course, you are not the only ambitious entrepreneur on the block, and you must ensure that your rivals don’t pull the rug out from underneath you, as you adapt to changing climates, offer competitive rates and deals, and ensure the speedy manufacture and delivery of over 150 different products. Rise of Industry features several scenarios with which to test your mandate mettle, or an endless sandbox mode with which the player can build, expand, and modernize their empire at will. With easy-to-learn mechanics and myriad management features, this looks to be a title to keep the ol’ noodle occupied well into the wee small hours.

Rise of Industry will be able to download from Epic Games Store from March 2 until March 9. Until then, players still have the opportunity to bag current freebie Duskers, before its removal on Wednesday.

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