The Bright Memory prologue will arrive on Xbox Series X for launch

A short-but-sharp ride into the unknown

As work continues on shiny sci-fi shooter Bright Memory: Infinite, Studio FYQD has announced that the previously released demo/prologue Bright Memory will be made available to purchase on Xbox Series X come the console’s launch day.

As a quick refresher, Bright Memory is a slick, fast-paced action title that blends intense melee combat with Devil May Cry-style gunplay, all from a first-person perspective. Bright Memory follows cyber-skilled secret agent “Shelia” (real name Hannah Grace) as she investigates a terrifying, time-warping, inter-dimensional anomaly that is threatening to engulf the entire planet.

While Bright Memory is only a mere 30 minutes or so in terms of length, it gives players a taste of what to come in technically advanced sequel Bright Memory: Infinite. Incredibly the Bright Memory titles are almost entirely the work of a single developer – the games’ design, art, and coding entirely undertaken by China’s Zeng Xiancheng. Infinite remains one of my most anticipated releases of the next generation.

Bright Memory: Infinite
is in development for PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. The Bright Memory prologue is available now on PC and launches on Xbox Series X November 10.

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