The best fire-type Pokémon in Scarlet & Violet

Your enemies better have BURN HEAL!

Fire-Type Pokemon are a staple of many trainers’ teams. Not only can they hit four different Pokemon Types for super-effective damage, but they’re also one of the most reliable counters to powerful Steel-Type Pokemon. You don’t need a Fire-Type to beat the game, but if you want one, you have some interesting choices in front of you.

Quick disclaimer: much like our best Ghost-Type list, there are no “best Pokemon.” All are viable to beat the game, so use the ones you love. This list also does not consider competitive battling, since the best Pokemon will change as the metagame does. The Pokemon below have been selected for their ease of use and the unique strategies they bring to your team.


Skeledirge already made our best Ghost-Type list, and it appears here for similar reasons. With a solid set of base stats, Skeledirge will be able to take hits as well as it can give them. Skeledirge’s signature move Torch Song also packs a serious punch and raises its special attack by one stage with every use, allowing it to sweep gym battles with ease. Even if you didn’t start with Fuecoco, it’s worth finding someone to trade with to get a hand on this monster.

Armarouge and Ceruledge

Chances are, you’ve seen Charcadet during your adventure. This little fellow is everywhere, making it incredibly easy to pick up in the early game. That said, there’s more to this Pokemon than meets the eye. By getting either Auspicious or Malicious Armor, Charcadet can evolve into either the Fire/Psychic-Type Armarouge or the Fire/Ghost-Type Ceruledge. Both feature great stats and powerful signature moves, making them solid standbys for your entire adventure.


If you want a no-frills Fire-Type on your roster, Arcanine is a surprisingly compelling pick. With its high spread of stats, Arcanine can hit foes with strong physical and special attacks. What’s more, this is another Pokemon you can easily add to your team early. Growlithe can be found in multiple locations, and evolving it is a simple matter of finding a Fire Stone. Its move pool is shockingly robust as well, as it has access to powerful Dark, Psychic, Electric, and Fairy moves if you are willing to grind the TMs for it.


Larvesta doesn’t seem like much at first glance. Its base stats are crummy, and Bug-Typing typically does more harm than good. That said, if you invest enough time to get it to level 59, its evolved form Volcarona will absolutely destroy anything in its path. Its base stats are already super high, but its access to Quiver Dance lets it boost its stats to become an unkillable monster with the right setup. If you’re willing to wait for Larvesta to evolve, Volcarona will destroy everything in its path.

Timothy Monbleau