The battle for oil rages on: Frontlines: Fuel of War demo hits Xbox Live

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You can never have too many first-person shooters, right? Right!? THQ and Kaos Studios hope so, as a demo for their upcoming FPS (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC), Frontlines: Fuel of War, was released today on Xbox Live.

Fontlines: Fuel of War takes place in a not-too-distant future in which everything’s gone to hell. The game takes a look at what would happen if China and Russia decided to team up and form the “Red Star Alliance” in a world with widespread depression and lacking natural resources.

Based on what I saw in this demo, Frontlines is missing that extra layer of polish that sets games like Call of Duty 4 apart from say, Prey or The Darkness. The game doesn’t come out for a while (2/12/08), so there’s still some time left to iron things out.

To me, Frontlines: FoW felt like it’d be perfect material for the bargain bin. To those of you who downloaded the demo: would you agree and if not, why?

[Via Heretic’s Cblog

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