The Attack on Titan studio is helping with the new Pokemon movie, which has a slightly different art style

The teaser is up

Pokemon just hosted its 20th feature film, which are still big hits in Japan and are all eventually localized for the west. The latest was “I Choose You!” a re-imagining of the original partnership between Ash and Pikachu, sans Brock and Misty.

Since these films are still doing insanely well The Pokemon Company is going to keep making them, and the next one is gearing up for a release next year. OLM will still handle the bulk of the work, but Wit Studio (famous for Attack on Titan) will also play a role in its creation. A short teaser recently aired in Japan to introduce us to the the art style.

The new untitled Pokemon movie will debut on July 13, 2018 in Japan.

Chris Carter
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