The AssassiNation Machinima contest

Destructoid loves having gaming contests, but we can’t be responsible for all of the kickass gaming giveaways on the Internet. This contest is sponsored by NBC Universal and ties into the new movie Smokin’ Aces. Together with, they are giving away over a $1,000 to whoever can submit the best gaming kill and raid machinima montages at their Web site.

The contest starts today and runs until Jan. 19, so crack your knuckles and tie your curb stomping shoes — you’ve got just under three weeks to make the best death demo reel possible. Not just any killspree or headshot will do — mix the montage to music like in the video above and make your murders memorable.

The grand prize is $1,000, second is $500, and third is $250, so it might be worth throwing a luxurious LAN party just to capture enough killing for this contest. If you win, I’m sure the money would cover all the pizza and beer you spent on the party. Breaking necks to break even sounds like a deal to me.

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