The Art of Resident Evil 5 shipping in July

When it comes to videogame art books, you can’t go wrong with any Capcom properties. Take The Art of Resident Evil 5, for example. The game itself may not have been quite where some of us wanted it to be as far as tone is concerned, but the book sure does look neat.

Udon revealed that it will be ready sometime during July, and if you’re feeling mighty anxious, the book is up for pre-order at Amazon right now. Capcom posted some lovely teaser images to go along with the announcement.

Even though the ruins in Resident Evil 5 annoyed me to no end, I have to admit, the way the area is laid out in the concept art (shown above — you may have to squint) is awesome. It almost looks like the overworld to an old-school RPG.

The Art of Resident Evil 5 Art Book Arrives in July [Capcom Unity]

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