The Arbiter is coming to Killer Instinct

You all know me, I’m Reverse Giraffe

Today, at the Halo Regional World Championships, Microsoft, 343, and Iron Galaxy announced that Halo‘s beloved Arbiter will be arriving as downloadable content, in the vein of Rash from Battletoads. Unfortunately, from what I can hear, Keith David’s delightful voice is nowhere to be found. Maybe he’s off doing another Rick and Morty guest voice?

2013’s Killer Instinct reboot is one of the great launch games — admittedly a low bar, but the fact remains true nonetheless. It’s a solid fighting game, one that defied expectations set by both its predecessors and developer Double Helix. (Its last two games were the Battleship and Green Lantern movie tie-ins.) Although port house Iron Galaxy has long since taken over development duties, the game seems to be doing fine well into its third year.

I’m also way down with the idea of guest characters in fighting games. It’s the best part of Smash Bros.; Ryu vs. Pac-Man vs. Mario vs. Bayonetta? That’s great. Although I’m not in love with Battletoads, this is a mindset I can get behind. General RAAM would be a great fit in Killer Instinct, for example. Throw a Fudgehog in there and you’ve got one hell of a guest roster.

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