The amiibo Retro 3-pack is now on sale for $25.97 at GameStop

Right on the four-month mark

Remember this puppy? It came out eons ago, and now that it has pass its four-month release mark, the amiibo Retro 3-pack GameStop exclusive is now discounted at uh… GameStop (surprise meat bags!).

For a limited time, you can buy the $34.99 amiibo Retro 3-pack for a nice $9.02 discount of $25.97. Why $9.02 but not $9.00? Because us robots enjoy making you human meat bags do complicated mathematical calculation in your head.

And when you’re busy adding the cents and dollars– wham! Robot overlord reign supreme.

Don’t forget to use GameStop promo code SAVER to get free shipping. Robots don’t ship overpriced plastic merchandise for free, you know.

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