TGS: New dual color PSPs are so sexy

I really tried to get some sexy pictures of the new dual color PSPs on the show floor here at Tokyo Game Show. They’re really strict here about pictures at any booth, but Sony was out for blood today. I was even wearing the Sony PlayStation press badge, which is supposed to get you photo privileges. But today some dick was in the way and wasn’t letting up.

Ah, it doesn’t matter. They sent me some official pictures of the units, and we have them here. I really, really like the looks of the blue and white one. When I saw it in person I was sold. These are PSP-3000s are going to be released here in Japan on November 18th for 17,800 yen. Both of these systems will include a 2GB Mark2 Memory Stick Pro Duo.

The cool pouches you see in the pictures are not included. They will be sold separately for 1,800 yen.

Dale North