TGS 2007: Trailer for Steambot Chronicles/Bumpy Trot 2 (trot your bumpies, etc.)

Making sure that the “charming but thoroughly weird Japanese RPG” demographic is met, here’s a trailer for what those at the Tokyo Game Show would know as Bumpy Trot 2, but what we typically would refer to as Steambot Chronicles 2. I prefer Bumpy Trot. Don’t bother watching the cam-recorded trailer all the way through as it repeats itself towad the end.

I’m really not a fan of the almost last-gen era graphics or the unimpressive animation, especially for a PS3 game, but Steambot has its fans so I expect it won’t be a flop and graphics aren’t everything. As a side note, I wonder if cel-shading has actually peaked. The style doesn’t seem to be improving with a new generation, and even though they look nice, cel-shaded games always have a last-gen feel to me. With cartoony visuals and a bright, bold style, any developer can use even basic cal-shading and have a good looking game, so I don’t expect the technique to die anytime soon.

But I digress. It’s Steambot Chronicles 2, everyone.

James Stephanie Sterling