TGS 2007: Oooh, sick burn! Konami levels a tiny bit of ownage at Sony

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Konami is becoming quite an outspoken company when it comes to the success or lack thereof of Sony’s PlayStation 3, and at the company’s Tokyo Game Show press event this week, it couldn’t help but throw a tongue-in-cheek jab at the console’s expense. Do you see? It’s not just we gamers who like to kick a console when it’s down.

Executive Director of Online Contents Production Kazuya Takahashi was talking about mobile phone gaming when he prepared the insult cannon for firing. From IGN:

While making a point about how every consumer has a mobile phone (and it is therefore the biggest market for gaming), he asked everyone in attendance who had a Wii. Next, he asked who had a Nintendo DS. Finally he asked, “How many of you have a PlayStation 3? Probably none.”

Ouchies, that’s cold. Also, before the defensive Sony fans ask why this is news (they never question bad news about the Wii or Xbox 360), remember that Konami has threatened in the past to look into and maybe revise its exclusivity deals with the PS3 if sales don’t pick up. Personally, I just think it’s quite funny.

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