TGS 2007: New No More Heroes video brings your dreams of a laser crotch to life!


No More Heroes gets more and more screwed up the more we see of it, and I for one thoroughly approve. So far we’ve had otaku buying light sabers from Ebay, arm-mounted rocket launchers, explosive gore and mandatory Wiimote masturbation. Today we can add a boss with a groin like the Death Star – a quality I know we’ve all boasted about having at some point – to that list. 

In addition to the very special powers of a guy who quite frankly looks like he’s just walked out of an F-Zero GX fetish club, this new shaky cam footage from the Tokyo Game Show brings us a better look at some of the game’s other bosses, Travis taking a pretty heavy but pretty funny pounding on the business end of a grenade attack, some cool saber vs. bullet dueling, – Lucasfilm legal department currently set to stun – and a look at our hero’s ability to go from relaxing poop to full-on combat seemingly in a matter of seconds. What a guy. 

You’ll unfortunately though, also notice that the splatter in the build on display is sadly somewhat restrained in comparison to the gloriously exaggerated levels of dripping carnage we’ve seen before. Apparently there’s no reason to start worrying though, as it seems that for some reason, the game is being toned down for the Japanese market, but will reach the west with its full levels of blood-drenched splendor intact. It seems a strange move, that’s for sure, but don’t forget that Japan still saw fit to censor Mortal Kombat II after everyone else had stopped worrying about the series… 

David Houghton