TGS 2007: Ko-ru-ta-na-o-su-ku-e t-shirt

When I arrived at Microsoft’s International Community and Press Party, I knew I’d get at least two things — alcohol and finger food. I’m a simple man, and that’s enough for me, but nothing could have prepared me for this schwag I’d be presented with on the way in. This dark blue t-shirt depicts a slightly aggravated looking young woman, and to her right is something written in katakana … which I certainly don’t understand a lick of.

Luckily, I have a handy Japanese phrasebook, complete with a katakana script table. Slowly, but surely, I sounded it out and it reads: “Ko-ru-ta-na-o-su-ku-e.” I’m a clever guy — this must be Cortana from Bungie’s Halo series, right?

But why does she look so angry, and slightly like VH1’s Rock of Love‘s rich brat turned wanna-be rocker, Lacey? And does anyone in Japan really care about Halo 3? With three days left in the Land of the Rising sun, you’re damned sure I’m going to find out.

Nick Chester