TGS 2007: Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom wants to circle your dooms

I want this game. I want this game so bad. What more can I say? I just want this bloody game! I was very interested in the new Kingdom Under Fire before today’s latest trailer, but after viewing this very epic little clip, I’m drooling at the mouth. The beautiful visuals and magnificent art, the killer music, the fish n’ chips accents and, more importantly — it looks a bit like Dynasty Warriors! What? YES!

I’ve probably put a few people off with that, but I must say that what I know of Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom seems to tell me that it will be far deeper than any current incarnation of Koei’s button masher. With four player online play and a whole host of interesting special abilities and spells, Circle of Doom should appeal to brainless hack n’ slashers and beardy RPG warlocks alike. I’m a little of both, so I must say that this is high on my list of priorities. I’d almost forgotten about it, too. 

Now … I just need to work out which bank to rob so I can afford yet another game on the DO WANT pile. I really don’t fancy going into male prostitution … again. 

[This trailer, and a whole  batch of ones today, came from TheGoldenDonut. Assume it’s from him for the next several posts I make this morning]

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