TGS 2007: Dark Sector trailer will darken your sectors

Dark Sector

is a game I’ve been following ever since it dropped the whole deep space theme and become a Resident Evil 4 style goth bazaar. While the new trailer from Tokyo doesn’t exactly bring anything new to the table, it does at least remind everyone that the game still exists, something that could easily be forgotten among the throng of amazing looking titles that have assailed us lately.

It would be a shame to forget about Dark Sector as well, because I feel we might have quite the sleeper hit on our hands here. While not groundbreaking in the least, I’m loving the atmosphere and D3 have chosen to emulate one of the best games out there. If you’re going to take another game’s playstyle, there are far worse frameworks out there to build your title on.  

This could be a hot one, and you’d do well to keep it in the back of your mind somewhere.

James Stephanie Sterling