TGS 09: The weapons of Dead Rising 2

One of the things that made the original Dead Rising such a blast to play was its wide assortment of weapons you could use to dispatch the undead. The list of unique items was seemingly endless, with each offering its own creative way of slaughtering the masses of living dead. 

Dead Rising 2, we’re happy to report, follows in this tradition. In the single-player demo section we played in Tokyo today, we had access to well over 20 items that were scattered about the closed off casino area we were granted access to. We’re talking everything from a sword to a roulette wheel to a wheelchair mounted with machine guns.

While playing, we compiled our own list of weapons and items we came across, and you can find that after the jump. But if you’re looking for something a little messier, Capcom released its own set of videos that feature some of the more creative weapons of Dead Rising 2. Like the best weapon idea ever, a shotgun that has a pitchfork attached to it.

You’re definitely going to want to see this.

Weapons/items we found in the Tokyo Game Show single-player demo area:
  • guitar
  • swordfish
  • sword
  • beer bottle
  • tall chair
  • handgun
  • wheelchair (for pushing or for melee)
  • wheelchair mounted with machine guns
  • lead pipe
  • chainsaw
  • paddle saws (a stick with chainsaws attached to either end)
  • bbq ribs
  • garbage can
  • chef knife
  • cooking oil
  • cash register
  • cowboy hat (a costume swap)
  • Servbot mask (for placing on zombies)
  • stick pony (a child’s toy; a stick with a stuff pony head on its end)
  • giant stuffed rabbit (squeaks when you hit the undead!)
  • beach ball
  • gas
  • large machine gun
  • vodka
  • roulette wheel
  • croupier stick



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