TGS 09: Home coming to PSP as ‘PlayStation Room’

Yep, seriously.

Apparently this news was so mindblowing that nearly everybody in the world managed to miss it when it was announced during Sony’s TGS keynote. Maybe it was so amazing and thrilling that everybody’s brains imploded trying to comprehend such beauty and wonder. What I’m sarcastically trying to tell you is that a new form of PlayStation Home is coming to the PSP.

No more will you have to be thethered to your couch when enjoying the thrill of the poor man’s Second Life. PlayStation Room is a new service coming to the PSP in a Winter firmware update, where players can communicate to each other and personalzie their own avatars. It’s stylistically quite different from Home, with avatars no longer looking like creepy living mannequins and instead now resembling Bratz Dolls. 

I have no idea what to make of this. 


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