TGS 09: Forza 1 fan favorite track back for Forza 3

At Tokyo Game Show this week, Turn 10 revealed that Forza Motorsport 1 fan-favorite track, the fictional Fujimi Kaido, would be making a return in Forza Motorsport 3.

With over 10 miles of track and 100 turns, Fujimi Kaido is a remake of the popular track from the original title. At twice the length of the original track, Turn 10 has added an entire backside to the track, which helps show off the game’s gorgeous environments. In the demo we saw, the driver sped by rivers and waterfalls, with the peak of Mount Fuji

The track is inspired by the popular underground Japanese touge racing scene, which made it perfect for showing off the game’s drifting, powered by the Forza’s stunningly realistic physics engine. In Forza 3, drift mode is always on and monitoring your drift progress in the background. By hitting left on the d-pad, players can bring up a drift counter, the total of which goes towards a global leaderboard. Whether you’re paying attention to it or not, Forza 3 is always watching, adding an extra layer of depth to game’s tight drift game. 

Dale North took Forza Motorsport 3 and its PlayStation 3 competition, Gran Turismo 5, for a ride. Check back later as he compares the two titles in his impressions piece; his results may surprise you.

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