TGS 09: Final Fantasy XIII Elixirs: too pretty to drink

Surely if you pay attention to anything having to do with Square Enix, you’ve seen the various different Final Fantasy-themed elixir products they’ve put out over the years. As I wandered around the side of their TGS booth this year, I found these in a discreet little glass case over to one side. Looks like collectors can soon add a new set to their collection!

 You can also see in the gallery that these come in the epic box shown alongside them. There was no pricing, but I ‘ve seen the past sets on sale through websites like Play Asia and J-List in the past, so if you’d like to own them keep an eye out on those sites. I have to admit they are kind of neat, even if the rumor is true that the actual taste of the elixirs is not so tasty.


Colette Bennett