TGS 09: Blow sh*t up real good in Battlefield: BC2

At EA’s pre-TGS press event we saw a bit more of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, including a good look at a newly revealed desert-based map. There were explosions-a-plenty in this new map, thanks DICE’s new “Frostbite” engine. In one example, a helicopter totally leveled a building with missiles, and the whole thing crumbled fantastically. Frostbite also scales down from mass destruction to fine detail. Gunfire can chip away at blockades and cover points. We saw a player being shot at through a wooden fence; the fence came apart realistically from the gunfire with bullet holes and splintered wood.

Also shown were some of the 15+ vehicles to be included in Battlefied: Bad Company 2. It’s not just tanks and jeeps; expect to control boats and helicopters on the battlefield. The high level of customization was also pointed out. Between the 4 character classes, 40+ weapons, gadgets, specalizations and more, there are over 15,000 possible kit variations to be had.

Check out our gallery of new screenshots from the event below.

Dale North