TGS 08: Bungie says Halo Recon is the last Halo project

In an interview with, Bungie PR director Brian Jarrard said that Bungie’s newly announced expansion Halo 3 Recon could be the last Halo title the developer plans to make. Once finished, the development team for the title will disperse and move on to other unique titles.

From the interview:

But I think when this project wraps up in a couple of months that will be the time when that team moves on to something else – part of that team will move on to something else and part of them will probably be absorbed into one of the other projects that are already on the way.

Those “other projects” may not be Halo related. When asked if Recon would be a “final statement” for the trio of games currently being worked on, Jarrard said, “I think so” before talking about support with map packs on both Halo 3 and Halo 3 Recon.

This now begs the question of what else Bungie is working on. It sounds like they have either two new IPs in the pipeline, or another Halo title pretty close to being finished. I’m certainly excited to find out, how about you guys?

Brad BradNicholson