TGS 08: Brand new Resident Evil 5 trailer is full of Wesker

First off, the main image was part of the latest content for Resident Evil 5. Looks like you’ll be fighting some kind of bat … man creature. 

Anyway, ask anyone on staff and they’ll tell you I’m most excited about Resident Evil 5 above any other game coming out within the next year. I absolutely adore the series and can’t wait for it to come out in March.

The latest trailer for the game premiered at TGS and it gives us a better idea of the plot behind Resident Evil 5. We see the members of Chris Redfield’s team dealing with the infected villagers and there’s even a throw back to Resident Evil 4 in this trailer.

Best of all? Wesker is in the trailer and shows off how badass he always is. The new voice actor doesn’t sound that bad as Wesker either.

Hit the jump to check out the brand new trailer and let us know what you think of it.

Hamza Aziz