Ten Minute Taste: 3D Dot Game Heroes

Before I ditch the rest of my workday to do this (sorry Nick and Niero!) I wanted to share with you the first ten minutes of Atlus’ upcoming PS3 release, 3D Dot Game Heroes.

Before you say it, I’ll interject that there’s really nothing in this ten minutes of play that I’d call a spoiler, so don’t worry about this TMT ruining things for you. I skipped the character editor in the video, as Jim has that covered. Jumping right in was better for me, as I was too excited to make anything decent.

God, this game is beautiful. Screenshots and videos (I know, I’m sorry) are one thing, but seeing this in action, in high-definition, is another. Even more than that, it’s a lot of fun. I’ve been playing it non-stop since it came in. You’ll see, come May 11th.

Look for our preview very soon, and our review closer to release date.

Dale North