Telltale’s closure doesn’t necessarily mean the Stranger Things game is dead

Stranger things have happened before

Telltale Games is nearly defunct after last week’s sudden layoff of approximately 90 percent of its studio. A skeleton crew is staying aboard for a while to produce Minecraft: Story Mode. After that obligation is fulfilled, it’s expected that Telltale will close its doors for good.

This has left a lot of Telltale’s projects in precarious positions. The final season of The Walking Dead will likely end incomplete after tomorrow’s release of its second episode. The Wolf Among Us 2 was canceled. As for the recently-announced Stranger Things game, that one might have a sunnier future.

Netflix tells Polygon that it still intends to find a home for Stranger Things. “We are in the process of evaluating other options for bringing the Stranger Things universe to life in an interactive medium,” Netflix says. That’s vague, sure, but Netflix has only had a weekend or so to evaluate potential new partners.

The third season of Stranger Things will release on Netflix in the summer of 2019. It makes sense that Netflix would want a tangential video game adaption around the time everyone’s talking about Mike and Eleven and Barb again. (Do people still talk about Barb?) Strike while the iron’s hot and all that.

A guilty-feeling silver lining to all of this is that we probably knew exactly how a Telltale take on Stranger Things would’ve turned out. Now we’ll get to see how another developer envisions it. There’s a lot of material to draw from, as Stranger Things is bursting with potential storylines. My guess: This game is the official continuation of the weird offshoot Scooby Doo gang episode from season two.

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