Telltale provides a first look at the next Strong Bad’s CGfAP episode

It might only have been two weeks since Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People Episode One: Homestar Ruiner (*deep breath*) graced the Wii and PC, but that isn’t stopping Telltale from fixing their eyes on the next similarly long-titled release in the episodic series, Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People Episode Two: Strong Badia the Free. Along with a teaser trailer they’ve also sent us a few new screens for you to check out.

This new episode will see Strong Bad organizing the local populace in a revolt after the greedy King of Town institutes an e-mail tax. That’s one cause I can certainly get behind: do you know much the e-mail correspondence I have with industry folk, adoring fans, and my fellow editors on a daily basis would cost if it were taxed? Let’s just say that the amount would be staggering.

Telltale has yet to provide a release window for Strong Badia the Free, but they might just be saving such news for PAX, where they’ll be giving attendees some hands-on time with the new episode.

Justin Villasenor