Team Meat and Rebirth dev talk about the woes of fans datamining The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

All the secrets have been ruined

Recently on a stream called Vinesauce, Edmund McMillen and Tyrone Rodriguez, the original creator of The Binding of Isaac and the guy who lead the Rebirth project respectively talked about datamining. In short, most of the secrets of Rebirth, stuff that would take months or even years to find, were ruined within one week by dataminers who posted all of the information readily online.

Edmund voices his frustrations, stating, “It’s disheartening. It sucks because we’re gonna start working on an expansion soon, but we sure as hell aren’t gonna fucking take all the time that it took — especially with Simon, who tried his best to really bury the stuff so it would deter people from doing this, but all they see is a challenge, so they’re going to dive right in and do it anyway. I can say right now that I don’t think the expansion is going to feature any buried secrets that anybody will care about.”

Tyrone says that he’s going to try really hard to hide things for the expansion, but Edmund is apparently deterred from ever trying this hard in the future. Although many people will chalk it up to excessive complaining, I can definitely see where Edmund is coming from. The secrets have that old-school feel, like that Mega Man 9 secret that supposedly no one has found yet (remember that?). It sucks to put so much time into something like that and have it all ruined — though with the age of YouTube and instant gratification, it’s inevitable.

All this aside, Rebirth is pretty damn good.

Ed on The Lost’s datamining [reddit]

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