Team Fortress 2sdays: Australian punch-fest

Every Tuesday a bunch of us Dtoiders get together and hop online to play some Team Fortress 2 on the official Destructoid server! You should join us!

Have you guys ever heard of the game type VS Saxton Hale? No? Neither had I. What happens in this beautiful mod is simple: everyone on the server teams up to kill one player who assumes the form of Saxton Hale. That’s right, SAXTON-FREAKING-HALE! It’s a bit like fighting a tank in Left 4 Dead, but the tank is ruggedly handsome, Australian, and made entirely of manly cosmic-energy. This quickly became a favorite last week, and I’m sure we’ll play it quite a few times this week. Hit the jump to see what else we have in store.

Port: 27015

Early Match

Time: 8 PM EST

Late Match
Time: 12 AM EST


If you have any suggestions for next week’s match, sound off below! Also, we’d love to recap this week’s events during next week’s post, so take lots of screenshots and email them to spencer[@]! 

Special thanks to Swishiee and everyone else who sent in screenshots this week!

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