Team Fortress 2 is getting bumper cars

Because at this point why not

Just the other day I was curious as to what Team Fortress 2 would do for Halloween this year. In fact, the TF2 event is one of the reasons why Halloween is my favorite holiday! Well the update, detailed here, has finally been revealed! Here’s the skinny:

  • October 29 through November 12
  • New comic!
  • Something to do with Merasmus and hypnotizing?
  • Big head/disfigured limbs via “Curses”
  • New magic spells and achievements
  • Bumper cars?!

From the looks of it, the Bumper Car mode will be a game, meaning there’s a ball and you need to hit it into the opponent’s goal. I really hope this mode is as fun to play as I hope it is, and I hope servers will be running it 24/7/365.

So, is it time to jump back into Team Fortress 2 for a couple of weeks? I do believe so!

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