Team Blue/Green won the international Pokemon Splatfest

Fire-type is weak against Water-type

This past Saturday marked the first of hopefully many international Spaltfest contests in Splatoon, pitting fans of Pokémon Red against those of Pokémon Blue (or Pokémon Green, if you live in Japan). The event may have been more popular than Nintendo anticipated, causing a greater occurrence of connection issues than usual. Either that, or die-hard Pokémon fans are just quicker to rage quit before losing a match. We may never know for sure.

I’ve long been of the opinion that blood and dragons are more popular than leaves, turtles, and blueberries, so I was pretty sure that Team Red would end up being larger than Team Blue/Green. That’s why I picked Blue. Statistically speaking, the larger team will always have a greater chance of losing the overall contest, due in part to the way that Splatfest matchmaking is arranged. 

It will be interesting to see if competitors catch on to that fact and adjust their strategies accordingly. If everyone knows that the less popular of the two teams is more likely to win, then it would stand to reason that they’d want to join that team, resulting in an ironic surge in size for the side that less people like. I’d love to see a Splatfest between Team Midna and Team Tingle result in a surprise Tingle popular victory due to this sort of overthinking shenanigans. 

Splatoon – Pokemon Reb/Blue International Splatfest Results [GoNintendo]

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